Coca Cola Leadership Essay

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Strategic Leadership at Coca-Cola: the real thing.

Leadership styles: managerial, visionary, strategic.
Managerial leaders: • Risk averse • Reactive • Goals are based on past and on necessities, as opposed to goals arising from desires and dreams • Relate to people, according to their roles in decision making process • Are conservators and regulators • Involve themselves in day-to-day activities • Are comfortable in functional area of responsibility • Exhibit linear thinking and are deterministic • Choices are determined by internal and external environments
Visionary leaders: • Proactive • Shape ideas • Change the way people think about what is desirable, possible •
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Goizueta promoting the idea of economic profit (after-tax operating profits in excess of capital costs)

His style was less hands- on and more intellectual. He visited half dozen countries a year and operates the company from his office.

Goizueta used rewards based on economic profit targets to motivate his management team.

Coca –cola never borrowed money, they bought independent bottlers around the world and upgrade its own distribution systems.
If people didn’t know where they were going you don’t want them to get there too fast.

Goizueta emphasized the importance of relationships.
He enticed (переманил) Cisneroses from Pepsi
Goizueta overall approach – developing senior managers’ intimate strategic knowledge of ans engagement in, the core business.

He focused his own on brand building, making deals and selling concentrate

Coca-cola didn’t rotate its successful managers through job rapidly.

He invested outside the core business only once, to buy Columbia pictures in 1982. in 1989 he sold it to Sony for a large profit.

The launch of new Coca –Cola – was the boldest marketing move. In 1985 customers demanded return to old coca and the new formula die out.

Brand and marketing – is a main asset, not the taste of the

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