Essay on “Coca-Cola Is Everything”

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“Coca-Cola Is Everything”
March 2013

This paper will provide the answers to questions asked in week two assignment. The paper will explore concepts such as supply chain management, switching cost, and business intelligence and apply them to Coca-Cola’s internal collaboration efforts. Sources in the paper have cited the use of social media tools through Facebook and loyalty programs. Warden (2013) has called Coca-Cola king of social of media. This paper will compare Coca-Cola’s social marketing abilities to that of Pepsi’s social media tools. Research will conclude that Coca-Cola has used various technologies to achieve worldwide success in their business operations.

Coca-Cola is a global leader in the
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To accommodate this collaboration, Coke developed its own software services based on hundreds of business processes to its family of bottlers. It is the hope of Coca-Cola that this software will ensure standardization whereby streamlining the supply chain and smoothing relationships with their bottlers. Hence, it makes sense that the bottlers are not charged a fee for utilization of the software service. By allowing bottlers to utilize the software, Coca-Cola is ensuring a collaborated business environment, eliminating frustration for their bottlers, and reducing expenses. If Coca-Cola decided to charge their bottlers for their software services, bottlers may not be so inclined to use the service whereby foregoing business practices that have already been proven to be successful for Coke.
Coke not only seeks to maintain relationship with their bottlers; the beverage maker is also using social media to create loyalty with its customers. My Coke Rewards is a website seeking to attract customers by using switching costs that make the consumer reluctant to try another product or service. My Coke Rewards has created a loyalty program by placing codes on specially marked packages of Coke products. Customers enter the My Coke Reward website and enter the codes, which are converted into points that can be redeemed for various pries or sweepstake entries. The loyalty program

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