Coca Cola Enterprises Essay

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Project Pinnacle

Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) embarked on a massive makeover of their information system in 2004 converting over to the SAP software. ( This included a major overhaul of their legacy system and working with SAP to develop an app specifically for them. When this venture began in 1999 we must remember that the Spilt of Coca Cola Enterprises becoming an operation solely based in Europe had not occurred. Thus the implementation for SAP was not only in North America, but Europe also. Throughout the paper we will discuss how this conversion went and what exactly went and what effects
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The project will also involve work on data sharing between the different parts of Coca Cola Enterprises. ( The plan is to combine the operation functions of Coca Cola North America, Minute maid, and fountain with one integrated operation model. This will allow them to take out any redundancies in their business processes and for cross communication between all the different bottlers. (
SAP and COCA COLA ENTERPRISES embarked on a venture to create accustom bottling application to make it so they can improve COCA COLA ENTERPRISES’s ability to serve the customer, cut costs and share data throughout multiple systems. The goal is to put new capabilities into the hands of the account managers, delivery drivers, and in-store merchandisers responsible for keeping Coca-Cola Enterprises' products moving through the retail chain. The bottler uses SAP applications in other parts of its business, but direct-store-delivery functionality has been lacking, says Coca-Cola Enterprises' VP and CIO Margaret Carton. "It will allow us to replace our existing transaction system with an entire SAP suite [and] improve our processes, execution, and information availability." They will be building it around SAP’s ERP and

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