Cloud Literature Review Essay

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1) Project Aim –

The aim of this project is to analyze emerging business opportunities of the “Cloud Computing” business.

2) Purpose-

The purpose of the project is to help inform BT’s corporate strategy teams about emerging opportunities for Group Investment. BT would like to understand how different value chains will form around specific socio-economic and technology trends. This will enable BT management to understand in a systematic way which markets and specific propositions BT might be able to enter to grow the business profitably.

3) Objectives-

• To make Business and commercial analysis of cloud computing.
• To undertake competitors analysis of existing market players.
• To explore business case development.
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All these paradigms will provide certain attributes or capabilities of approximately 1 trillion dollars worth of the utility computing industry (Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy). Tasks which used to take years in terms to grow a business to several million customers now can be possible in months.

However there is some confusion what it is and when it’s useful. According to Oracle’s CEO “The interesting thing about Cloud Computing is that we’ve redefined Cloud Computing to include everything that we already do. . . . I don’t understand what we would do differently in the light of Cloud Computing other than change the wording of some of our ads”. Same kind of thoughts have been expressed by Larry Ellison (Wall Street Journal, September 26, 2008) which ahead repeated more mildly by Hewlett-Packard’s Vice President of European Software Sales “A lot of people are jumping on the [cloud] bandwagon, but I have not heard two people say the same thing about it. There are multiple definitions out there of “the cloud”. Going further in same feelings Andy Isherwood, quoted (ZDnet News, December 11, 2008) Richard Stallman

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