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This week in clinical I experienced what it is like to work in the emergency department. Going into the clinical day I had some personal goals on top of the clinical group goals. The goal for the clinical group this week was to perform personal hygiene. I think this direction was about more than just the hygiene however. I think it was to balance therapeutic nursing actions with technical nursing skills. My own personal goal for my ER shift was to be able to understand how nurses prioritize their nursing care in such a fast paced environment. I also wanted to hone my critical thinking skills and decide what I would do if I was the primary nurse for each of my patients. If allowed, I also want to try performing some of the assessments and interventions …show more content…
The major problem I encountered this clinical was defining my role. I knew that I was supposed to be observing, but I didn’t realizes what else I should be doing. There were a few times when I wanted to ask a patient a question but didn’t think that it was my place. I think this most affected me while talking to a patient that wanted to be discharged and was feeling anxious. I wanted to ask why she was so anxious about the hospital, because I felt like it could have helped us make her feel more comfortable. Since I regretted not asking her this question I made sure to ask my next patient questions I had. While taking care of patient who wanted to get out of bed but was physically unable to, I asked why she wanted to get up. She said she wanted to go get her daughter and so we were able to address that concern. My nurse told me it was a good question to ask. After that I felt more comfortable talking to the patients. I took away from this experience the importance of listening to what my instincts and prior teaching tell me I should do. I also learned that if I feel I should be doing more, it’s sometimes beneficial to expand my …show more content…
I started out as nervous as always but then I learned to enjoy my time and ended up learning quite a bit. I learned more about the pathophysiology behind diseases. I also think that watching my nurse helped me understand developing a plan of care better. I also was able to communicate with the care team more effectively than I normally do in clinical. I think I could have communicated with the patients more, so I am looking forward to trying more effective communication with my patient next week. This experience has motivated me to try and connect with my patients more. I think it has helped me look at my own practices and will make me strive to be a better student

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