Cleveland Clinic Personal Statement

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I am interested in studying and training in northeast Ohio Cleveland campus because it has many opportunities for growth within and outside the field of medicine. There are many opportunities available at the Cleveland Clinic that will enable students to study about osteopathic medicine techniques. Cleveland Clinic has different tools and resources available to students to learn and to gain very insightful knowledge and techniques when interacting with patients. One thing that stands out to me about the Cleveland campus is their dedication to public service. I have been volunteering and providing services to my community since I was in high school. I cherish the opportunity of giving back to communities the knowledge and skills acquired because I believe there are people facing health care challenges that requires our attention. I would be very interested to participate and …show more content…
With the shortage of primary care physicians presently, it is important to provide physicians that can and will be dedicated to primary care services. I am very passionate about working with women and children because of the disparities in maternal and child health as well as health disparities that I have witnessed during my trip to Sierra Leone and through research. Through research in health disparities I have also realized that those same disparities exist in developed countries such as the United States. My ultimate goals as a primary care physicians is to not only treat patients for the specific health issues but to strive to work alongside patients to develop preventive measures to assist them in reaching their health goals. This is the reason why I am passionate about osteopathic medicine, because I get to view the body a whole function working together to create optimum function versus just a sum of

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