Essay on Classroom Management Plan For Amy

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Classroom Management Plan for Amy
Classroom management is arguably the most important aspect in the classroom. Being an effective teacher is important as well, but to teach well you need to have control over the classroom. When you have the right control, the classroom will benefit. Good classroom management keeps everybody on task including the teacher. When the teacher is distracted by trying to control a situation, the class suffers and there is less time for learning. As students develop, they need a stable routine in their classroom. Interruptions to the routine can cause stress and anxiety because the students are not clear on their roles in the classroom. This leads to chaos and negative learning experiences.
Proactive Management
There are two different approaches to classroom management, proactive and reactive. To teach effectively, I need to be proactive; being proactive means that I will take the appropriate steps to avoid issues with students. I will achieve this by making a seating arrangement for the first week of school. The desks will be in a U shape, with two rows in the middle. This is so students can all see the front of the classroom while being close to their peers. It will help them pay attention while still being able to see each other. Communication with parents is also very important. I will call the parents in the first week of school to talk to them about their child and any strategies that they use with their child that helps them…

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