Classroom Analysis: Did Kitty Live Near School?

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Register to read the introduction… However, the student didn't answer it right, which was beyond my expectation. To grade 6 students, the lead-in sentence seemed to be too complicated with alternative question for them to grasp though they were simple. They weren't able to respond correctly both in content and grammar. Appropriacy in language grading plays a vital role in a language teacher. Therefore, instead of giving a confusing lead-in instruction, I could have simply elicited a question, " Did Kitty live near school? ", which would be easy for them to answer without feeling nervous after answering it wrong. And I can lead in the new lesson in an more effective …show more content…
I shouldn't have interrupted the students because it broke their chain of thought suddenly and they didn't know what to do in that situation. Instead, I could have monitored the class in an more effective way by walking to them and asking them to stop talking with my body language.

Sample 3

Context: In order to have a smooth transit from Kitty's life in different places to students' real life in different schools, I created a situation by saying, " Tom is a photographer( stress on the first syllable) for our school newspaper, and he has taken many photos about our school life. Please look at his pictures on the PPT and think about the life in your primary school. Let's work in pairs and finish the speaking activity together.

Comment: Accuracy in word pronunciation when giving a clear instruction is a basic requirement for a language teacher. Here, I gave an inaccurate stress on the word : photographer. The correct stress should be on the second syllable instead of the first one. Enough attention should be paid next time I speak out the word.

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S: No, they don't. They get up early.
T: Can you finish the sentence now? When they lived in the city center, they _____________. Now they live in the suburbs, and they _____________.
After answering these questions, students can finish the sentence easily and correctly.

Comment: In order to check whether students have understood the target sentence structure "When they lived ...., they got up ...", I elicited several concept checking questions to make sure that they have grasped the meaning of a new sentence structure. I broke down the meaning or concept of the target structure into a number of simple questions for students to have a clear idea of it. Besides, I also showed the completed sentence on the PPT to make the pattern of the grammar clear so that the students can memorize it better.

Sample 6

Context: Two pictures were shown on the PPT. One was a TV set and the other was the sky full of bright stars. T: Now let's look at the two pictures. (Teacher points to the pictures). They are about Ben and Kitty's life at night. This time let's do a pair work in two minutes. (Show students the pattern of pair work) Let's go!
S1: What did Kitty and Ben do at night when they lived in the city

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