Class Sizes Should Be Reduced Essay

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Throughout the years, there have been many debates on whether or not class sizes should be reduced. Due to the number of budget cuts and teacher layoffs, public schools are seeing their class sizes are increase. Shrinking the number of students in a classroom could ultimately lead to higher achievement, lower stress on teachers, and fewer consequences. Policy makers should reduce the amount of students in a classroom to open up a greater opportunity for individual interaction between student and teacher.
Over the past couple of years, states have increased classes up to an average of 38 students. A study compared a class with 22-25 students, to a class with 13-17 students, and the smaller class greatly outscored the larger class on an achievement exam (Balonon-Rosen 3). Research also shows that third graders’ scores increased by 10% in math and 8% in reading with the reduction of class size. Surprisingly, statistics proved that students with disadvantages experienced two-three times the average help in smaller classes (Haimson 2). Reducing the size of a class ultimately reducing the amount of distractions in the room. (“Importance of Class Size” 4). Because students have fewer distractions in the classroom, they are more likely to gain a higher education and be involved in activities within the school (“Importance of Class Size” 6). Not only does increasing academically have a positive impact

Payne 2 on the student, but reducing class size is also a great way to prove…

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