What Are High School Classes Are Too Big Essay

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Not getting enough class time to ask questions? Well that is why I think high school classes are too big. We never get enough one on one with the teachers, so if you're not understanding the lesson then you have to try and figure it out yourself. We don’t get enough one on one because everyone else is playing around and not paying attention, so that leads to no one learning anything. No one learns anything because no one is paying much attention, because everyone is talking and not even acknowledging the teacher and that she is trying to teach a lesson.
People tend to work better in smaller classes because there isn’t as much talking and distractions from other students. Some students actually want to pay attention in class so that they know they understand the lesson but they can’t because they are distracted and can’t hear the teacher. The teachers always asks us if we have any questions but maybe people are scared of speaking out in front of everyone so they
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All their worried about is talking to their friends and being on their phones. I know that we can’t have our phones out in Monroe City High School, but other schools can. If no one pays attention to the teacher then no one knows how to do the lesson and they all get bad grades on the assignment.
You could argue that bigger classes are better because they can work in bigger groups and get better grades on projects but you could also argue that smaller classes are better. Small classes are better at some points because more one on one, but they are also bad because they are not always big enough to move on with the class. If we had smaller classes we would understand the classes better and maybe none of us would get bad grades, we would get it done and we wouldn’t be in tutoring. Some people could argue that I’m completely wrong about this but this is what a lot of people

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