Spiritual Organization

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Introduction The church is a vibrant and spiritual organization which promotes an environment of love, faith, fellowship, and unity. It is a place where relationships are established, life-changing events happen, and interaction with other people takes place. The church is the place where people attend for spiritual growth, experience, and to gain an understanding of God’s word. In the church setting, people can hear, experience, and gain understanding of something that they would not have known prior to attending. Through interaction and experience many will feel the need to get involved in ministry. These individuals are primed and ready to do ministry. They are the disciples that are prepared to go, teach, and baptize within the church, …show more content…
Leaders must give disciples an established vision and mission statement, core values, and the necessary tools to be successful in kingdom building. If there is no vision or sense of direction in the church, ministry or organization, people tend to become bored or disengaged. Therefore, prudent planning, ministry involvement, and relevant relationships will enhance and improve the church and ministry.
According to Dave Earley and Rod Dempsey, “The challenge for developing and maintaining a tight disciple-making focus is knowing what to emphasize and what to de-emphasize. You need a clear vision, core values, concise views, clean vehicles, and concrete verifiers.” This paper will explain my personal plan to develop disciples for Jesus Christ within a ministry context. It will incorporate the 5 V’s of ministry, which includes vision, values, views, vehicles, and verifiers. Finally, it will provide insight into the importance of having a successful plan in the disciple making
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These principles define the organization and are fundamental to the ministry’s vision. Core values are established to give people the opportunity to hear and see what the church believes is God’s heart for the ministry or church. Through core values, a leader’s worldviews and the church’s biblical missions are established. Aubrey Malphurs further states that the ministry mission statement provides information on what the ministry is supposed to accomplish, while the vision aids in answering the why question. The core values move and drive the ministry into making decisions, solving problems, and spending dollars. The core values of the church will align with the seven commitments of the Church of God, Cleveland, TN. These values help the organization and the church to fulfill the mission and vision of the ministry. The focus will be on prayer, Pentecostal worship, world evangelization, church planting, leadership development, care, and

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