Chronic Sorrow Essay

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Living with Chronic Sorrow

The middle range theory of chronic sorrow theory was researched in the 1980’s validating

parent’s feelings over the loss of not having the perfect child and having a child with a disability.

Chronic sorrow provided a framework for understanding the reactions of individuals to various

loss situations and offered a way to view the experience of bereavement. Involvement in an

experience of a significant loss is the necessary antecedent to the development of chronic sorrow

(Peterson & Bredow, 2009). The loss may affect individuals and family members at any time.

Chronic sorrow may come to any of us during our lifetime. Chronic sorrow can best be

described as a natural response to
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Loss is an experience caused by changes and recognizing these changes are important in

identify feelings and most importantly, by allowing individuals to feel and express themselves

begins the healing process (Love, 2007).

Grief comes in many shapes and sizes. There is no “one size fits all” for the grieving process. Grief is the series of emotions that a person goes through after a loss. Grief may involve feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, shame, relief, jealousy, hopelessness and powerlessness ( Love, 2007). Many people allow for grief after the passing of a loved one, but many of today’s views tend to ignore the grief that can follow other kinds of losses. As a result,

people find themselves unexpectedly alone dealing with the sorrow, anger and other emotions

associated with grief at various times in their life. Confused and even ashamed, they may

attempt to hide or avoid these emotions, pushing them inward rather than letting them out.

This may cause destructive and devastating repercussions which can follow. Yet all of this can

be avoided, if people recognize that there are all kinds of grief (Castledine,2002). Learning to

deal with the loss and cope with ones misfortunes is where grief comes in.

So, how long is the grieving process? Basically, a person grieves as long as it takes to come

to terms with their loss and the impact that it has had on their life (Foust, 2006). The obvious


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