Gemma's Transition: A Case Study

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Transition is to change from one thing or situation into another and can also be used to describe the journey taken throughout transformation. Transition can be a positive or negative experience. In this essay the aim is to highlight a time of transition throughout an individual’s life known as, Gemma. The information provided was gathered from an interview carried out by myself. This essay will also briefly focus on Gemma’s background and her differentiating social situation to my own, along with the methods used to carry out the interview. Lastly appropriate and relevant theory will also be applied in relation to Gemma’s experience including a different perspective on this transition and critical factors on the particular
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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s (1969) five stages of grief had a huge impact and breakthrough in the world of theory, although many other theorists had their take on grief and loss such as, John Bowlby and Sigmund Freud. Kubler-Ross’s five stages identifies, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, relating well with Gemma’s transition process and all of the feelings Gemma experienced throughout this period (Kubler-Ross & Kessler, 2014). To this day it is believed that many people still revert back and use Kubler-Ross’s five stage model (Webster, 2017). In the book that Kubler-Ross wrote she highlights that loss isn’t, “…just through family and friends, but also in the feelings of loss that come with the inevitable life changes we all endure” (Kubler-Ross & Kessler, 2014, Pg 1). This was important for me to understand through carrying out this interview with Gemma as it allowed me to fully empathize with Gemma’s situation and enabled me to apply the most appropriate theory. Gemma explained to me throughout the interview process that she felt as if she had lost her previous lifestyle and independence, she has had to adapt to her new life of living with CRPS. Each of these five stages from Kubler-Ross’s (1969) model describes exactly what Gemma has went through along her CRPS

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