Christ in Discipleship Essay

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Writing Assignment 1 – Christ in Discipleship

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David J. Miller
May 29, 2016

Centrality of Christ in Christian discipleship
Christian discipleship is to follow Jesus, to be his disciple, doesn’t mean community involvement and the veneer of tolerance. It means, mainly, first and central, to worship him — with joy at the heart. Making disciples of Jesus means gathering his worshipers.
Discipleship starts with the heart, it is to have Christ at the center, to have His love, His Holy Spirit fill you, and guide you. To have Christ as the centrality
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One is to live his life loving God and loving others, not enforcing laws and regulations (legalism). True disciple that is centralized on Jesus Christ should never be known for what they stand against, but more for what they stand for. David Kinnaman made mention of this in book called Unchristian. He said:
“Why would present-day Christianity inspire such unfavorable reactions? Our studies explored the nature of the perceptions about Christianity – not just pro or con but the substance of how people feel about Christians and Christianity. The central goal was not just to determine if people feel negatively but why. What are we known for? One Crucial insight kept popping up in our exploration. In studying thousands of outsiders’ impressions, it is clear that Christians are primarily perceived for what they stand against. We have become famous for what we oppose, rather than what we are for.”
Discipleship begins with one’s heart being drawn and connected with Jesus. Discipleship begins at salvation which is centered on Jesus. Salvation is taught through the Gospel which is also centered on Jesus. A Christian disciple is one that has a relationship with the risen living savior Jesus Christ. His life, his teachings, prayer and devotion to him must be the motivating factor within the Christian. That is where the disciple’s growth and transformation comes from.
How obedience reflects the discipleship of Christ

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