Choosing A Career Path Could Be One Of The Most Significant And Vigorous Decisions

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Deciding a career path could be one of the most significant and vigorous decisions that a student might confront. When deliberating your options towards a vocation, ensure it’s something that fulfills and resonates with you. Why do students struggle to determine a major? That 's the question I 've struggled to answer for many years. Situating people’s opinions and pressures aside to discover your qualities, and provide a purpose to their career, holds an imperative factor for collegiates. As a college freshman, I’m still struggling to embrace a major; after seeking answers during my research, I’ve changed my mindset. Over time, I 've seen how friends feel pressured to attend college, and become successful and productive individuals who can contribute to society. Nevertheless, most have no clue about what they want to do -including myself-. As I researched in the Trexler Library, I found statistics posted in the online New York Times by Cecilia Capuzzi Simon in the article ‘‘Major Decisions’’, that present the following: ‘‘Some students go to college knowing exactly what they want to do. But most don’t. At Penn State, 80 percent of freshmen — even those who have declared a major — say they are uncertain about their major, and half will change their minds after they declare, sometimes more than once.’’ Eager to find different perspectives that relate to this perplexing topic, I talked to classmates Edward Punzalan and Alexa Lennert during a class dialog, and they both…

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