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Sec. 002 Team 1 | GB 214 Operations Analysis: Chipotle Mexican Grill | Assignment 3: Supply Chain |


1. Major Components/Inputs of the Product & Suppliers Chipotle uses several suppliers when ordering and receiving their food products. Chipotle’s main objective is to provide food with organic and naturally grown backgrounds. Because of these values, Chipotle prides itself in using suppliers that follow their guidelines of “food with integrity” structure, by meeting the requirements and goals for food safety, animal welfare, sustainability, and social accountability.1 Chipotle’s customer service manager, Shannon Kyllo, stated in her email that the company continuously changes its suppliers to source the best
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ir goal of operational excellence with its statement, “The natural flow of our restaurant layout, including the floor plan and the design of our serving line, are designed to make the food ordering process intuitive and, we believe, more efficient.” The customers deal somewhat directly with the manufacturers of chipotle’s product in their stores with the assembly line.6 Customers have limited choice in overall product but some choice in the specification (ingredients that go in their order) of the product.6 The assembly line allows customers to get their food fast and assemble then limitedly build their order.6 All of this allows for a high degree of customer intimacy during the service.6
The raw materials to distributor to product assembler stages reflect with chipotle’s focus on product differentiation and market segmentation.6 Chipotle’s strategy is influenced by the fast and high quality food market.6 Chipotle states, “Serving high quality food while still charging reasonable prices is critical to our vision to change the way people think about and eat fast food.”6 Chipotle serves “food with integrity” and part of the way they make this possible is with their supply chain.6 The raw materials stage is the suppliers/outsourcers that provide the high quality ingredients that go into Chipotle’s product.6 These go to distribution centers (distributor), which are all relatively close to the product assemblers (stores).6 The food is then prepared by the product assemblers.6

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