Chipotle case study Essay

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a) Does Chipotle have any core competencies and, if so, what are they?
Chipotle have their set of core competencies, which includes: A focused menu which could be customized by a customer, good employee training that results to good customer service, being able to utilize fair-trade meats and organic vegetables, and creating a restaurant where the kitchen is design for efficient operations and where employees can easily interact with customers.
These core competencies have helped Chipotle grow into the company that it is now. These core capabilities are vital to their strategy and they were able to utilize their resources more efficiently with the help of these capabilities. By doing a focused menu, Chipotle was able to bring in fresh
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The employees also make sure that they give each customer “The Chipotle Experience” and to give customers their orders fast without having a “fast-food” experience.
The secondary components of Chipotle’s value chain consist of research and development for finding new restaurant sites and construction of new restaurants. It also involves research and development for a new restaurant concept that focuses on Southeast Asian food. Other secondary component of their value chain includes their general administration and human resource management. Chipotle has an excellent human resource management system, because they are able to train employees to a high standard of service and the fact that many of their middle to high managers like apprentice managers and general managers were promoted from lower positions. It shows how their training provided employees with the tools needed to succeed and grow in their respective careers. Because of good human resource management, many crew members were able to grow and become salaried or hourly managers.
c) What are the chief components of Chipotle’s strategy? Which one of the five generic competitive strategies most closely approximates the competitive approach that Chipotle is employing?
The chief components of Chipotle’s strategy are: serving a menu with a few focused

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