Children 's School Is Effective Essay

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How would you feel if you suddenly saw your parent every day at school? Would you feel embarrassed having them around, or proud to have such caring parents? If you chose the latter, then you may already know the significance that a parent may have on their child if they took the time to be involved in their children’s school. Without their parent around, the child will most likely suffer a negative outcome in their lives. This makes it almost a requirement for parents to spend as much time as they can in their children’s school to help prepare them for a successful life. Parents being involved in their children’s school is effective because the child’s grade are higher, they become respectful to adults, and lastly they learn to service the community. Most of the time, when faced with a difficult homework problem, a child would come to their parents for help. In fact, they might assist their child throughout all their assignments; making sure it is well-written, organized, and most importantly, correct. In return, this causes the child to understand and learn more at home while they are away from school. However, that act alone does not directly cause better grades. As a student who’s had their parent become involved with the school, it is suffice to say that parent involvement does cause grades to go up. This is because when a parent is truly involved with their child’s school, such as knowing the student’s teacher, it ultimately creates a high expectation for the student…

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