Brown Vs Board Reflection Papers

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Over the course of my life I have had experiences that have expanded my cultural bubble. This past month, I have focused in on two experiences specifically. One of these was a lecture I attended in Lagomarcino October 22nd called “SO that Any Child May Succeed – Indigenous Pathways toward Justice and the Promise of Brown" by Teresa McCarty. The other was part of a conference I attended the weekend of October 23-25 called Main Event. I decided to go to the Brown lecture because I felt that I could understand it best, and make connections to class. I had just presented about Native Americans in public schooling through the Stephanie Zywicki article, and knew that this would be a topic throughout this debate. Also, from the title I could tell the Brown vs. Board topic would come up, which we also have covered in CI 204. Although this lecture covered many points, there are a few I would like to specifically mention. The first of these is language versus voice. Teresa McCarty brings up Rough Rock Elementary School in Chinle, Arizona. This was one of the schools where children could go and speak in their known language, rather than an …show more content…
She gives many great ideas such as: relationship pedagogy, dual language program, and parent engagement. Relationship pedagogy as described by Teresa was having a kinship with the teacher. I can connect this to CI 204 because a main difference between this class and my others is Ma Purdy 's desire to know her students. She has built relationships with every student, and continues to strengthen those. Next, the dual language program is an idea that will let students learn comfortably in their language, while also learn English. Lastly, parent involvement is important because the parents understand their child better than the teacher does. They can bring in many ideas on how to help their child achieve their

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