Parental Involvement And Student Performance Essay

1. This research study is titled, “The role of parental involvement affect in children’s academic performance”. This study was chosen because I have read multiple articles on parenting styles but I have found this article to be more interesting. It touches on the different ways that parents can be involved not only in the classroom but while at home as well. This study was obtained through the UNF database through the ERIC database. The keywords “parental involvement and student performance” were used. To locate this article, you would use the reference:
a. Khajehpour, M., & Ghazvini, S. D. (2011). The role of parental involvement affect in children 's academic performance. Procedia - Social And Behavioral Sciences, 15(3rd World Conference
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The goal of the research study was to determine the “relationship between family involvement and student performance” (Khajehpour, 2011). The hypothesis was that parental involvement would play a large role in a child’s academic success (Khajehpour, 2011).
4. The sample used was selected using a randomized process. A cluster sample was chosen from 10 schools in 3 areas of Tehran, Iran. The sample consisted of 200 boys.
5. A family involvement questionnaire previously constructed was used to measure parental involvement. The questionnaire consisted of 42 items and had a 4 point scale for answering. Along with the survey given to the boys, the parents were asked how they were involved in the student’s academic performance. The last tool used, was the boys’ grades reported by their teachers in the subjects of Literature and
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In conclusion, the research was compiled and the results support the hypothesis that was presented. The study shows, there is a “correlation between parental involvement and academic achievement” as well as there is a “positive and significant correlation between parental involvement and academic achievement” (Khajehpour, 2011). The study also shows that “academic performance of children in families with high parental involvement is better than children in families with low parental involvement” (Khajehpour, 2011). The study suggests that parental involvement is extremely important in a child’s education.
8. The implications of this study, although not directly mentioned, are simple. If parents are more involved in the student’s education, the student will achieve at higher levels than a student whose parent may not be involved. Therefore, parents should be involved in the student’s education to ensure the highest achievement level possible.
9. The study would assume that all ethics have been followed. The parents were asked questions with the idea that their answered were being recorded for data collecting. The boys also were given questionnaires during the day, assuming they were in their classroom setting in order to obtain their grades from their teachers for the last piece of

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