The Importance Of Parents Involvement In Children's Education

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In order to have a positive, collaborative relationships with family’s teachers must let families feel as if they can trust them. By families having trust in the teacher it helps build a bond between the teacher and family. Teachers should treat families like they are somebody important in their lives. Families need to feel as if the teachers have the student’s best interest. By showing families that teachers have the student’s best interest the teacher can go an extra mile when it comes to helping the student. According to the article What Teachers Should Say and How They Should Say It, it was stated that teachers should be good listeners. By being a good listener the teacher is paying attention to families and is listening to their views and contribution about their child and school work …show more content…
By teachers encouraging families to work at home with their students it promotes the families to monitor and help the child with their work. According to the article Parent’s Perceptions of Involvement in Children 's Education: Findings from a Qualitative Study of Public Housing Residents, it was inferred that some parents believe that in the adolescence stage, students do not need as much support and that the students are now receiving their educational requirements met from their teachers and the school (Yoder & Lopez, 2013, P.418). This is something that is wrong. Parents should always help their children at all ages. When parents are constant with their child’s education it helps the child remember the work more. Parent involvement has been shown to become a positive impact on the child’s academic success and also positive developments (Yoder et al, 2013. P.416). A child having extra support can help them succeed in many ways. It was also stated that parent involvement also helps students achieve higher reading scores and it can help increase standardized test scores (Yoder et al, 2013.

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