Role Of Parental Involvement In Academic Achievement

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This study is to explore students’ perception about the role of parental involvement in academic achievement. Students from grades 6th, 7th, and 8th from a local middle school were observed and questioned before and after the Georgia Milestones Assessment. The participants were selected through Intensity sampling, which include an A average student and a below B average student from grade level (6th-8th) for to receive the student perspective based upon grade performance in class. Survey questionnaire and observation of the students were used as a tool for data collection. I predict that the data analysis will prove that parental involvement has significant effect in better academic performance of students. Previous research has proof that …show more content…
Parental involvement in education is defined as “parents’ interactions with schools and with their children to promote academic success”(Hill, 2004). Parental involvement involves much more than just learning task. The No Child Left Behind Act refers to it as “the participation of parents in regular, two way and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities”. She further added that parental involvement in education involves “parents’ interactions with schools and with their children to promote academic success”, (Hill, …show more content…
Students were asked “How often does a parent does their parent asked them about their day at school” “Does your parent help you with homework..”Does your parent attend PTA meetings?” and provided students with a range of five options from which to choose (never, once, a few times, weekly, daily). Ask students: I do you feel when your parent is involved rather at school or at home. Do you believe parent involvement is important at your school and Why? These questionnaires will be conducted one-on-one and recorded.
The conclusion of this research expressed positive views of parent involvement from students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. Students feel great encouragement with the collaboration of their parents with the school. Parent involvement is not just attending Literacy Night and PTA meetings, but also includes a parent showing positive attitudes at home about school and showing their child that they are concerned about their education and behavior at

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