What Are The Benefits Of Chapter 8 Parenting God's Way

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After reading chapters eight and ten in your book "Parenting God 's Way", I agreed and opposed many of your parenting methods. I agree that you should always make sure you make God relevant in your children 's lives and when parenting. He is the number one role model they should follow and aspire to be like. In chapter eight, the first topic you touched on "Parents, The First Teacher", is very true. The baby begins its ability to hear in the second trimester, so the conversations and sounds you surround yourself with impacts the baby. If the baby begins learning while in the womb, the parents should take advantage of this and begin teaching early on. When the baby is born then the parents should really jump on training and teaching the child because they are going to learn more during their younger ages. The …show more content…
This reminds the parents that if they introduce education and school in a positive manner, they have a better chance at striving for excellence. Parents need to realize their kids are not going to adapt to school immediately. Preparation needs to be a must before children start school. If not done, they may have a hard time adapting to a new scheduled environment away from the parents. They also need to know what is acceptable in school, such as, the rules, who the authority is, and so forth. Parents need to remember that kids want to be like their parents, so they mimic what they see and hear what their parents do. For example, if the parents curse excessively, their child is going to think it is acceptable to do so. Therefore, if they are at school and they curse it is going to be hard to explain to them why they can do it but their

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