Essay about Children 's Needs For Basic Social Skills

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Mrs. Sandra has many things to consider. First, she must recognize the people involved. She must see the consequences for herself, her students, the parents of her students, and her boss. Next, she must identify what the main issues are. These would be what to teach the children, should technology be that present in the classroom, what will happen to her students based on her decision, and could she lose her job for making a decision her boss disagrees with. She must weigh the answers to all of these questions and come up with the best decision. Mrs. Sandra made a child-centered decision when she chose to cut the technology based on the children’s needs for basic social skills. She proved this pure decision alone did in fact benefit the children, who enjoyed being away from the screen and learning how to really interact with peers. But, this decision did not correspond to the standards Mrs. Sandra was supposed to be teaching in her classroom. The curriculum serves a purpose, and if she doesn’t follow it just as the other teachers follow it, her students may be behind when they move up to the next grade mixed in with children who have had access to the lessons Mrs. Sandra cut out. Mrs. Sandra also did not let the parents know that she was going to make such a drastic change in the classroom, which was poor communication. By going against the will of the parents, the curriculum, and trying to make a decision purely by herself, Mrs. Sandra risked losing her job. A child…

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