Child, Family, And School Social Worker Essay

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Child,Family, and School Social Worker. The spectrum of social work, and counseling careers make it hard to choose a specific one. Since your opportunities are multitudinous, you have to do some serious introspection to narrow it down. I have pondered the ever standing question for years and the end result is always the same, child, family and school social worker, Although I was never really interested in working with kids, I was interested in counseling and social work and as the idea bounced around in my head felt more confident in my ability to muster up the courage to work with children. This career caught my attention when I took developmental psych sophomore year. I always wanted to work in human sciences, but I could never decide on which career to pursue. I finally decided on this one despite being told countless times that it would “Burn me out.” I want to help people get the help they need at the most crucial part of their lives, before it messes them up completely.

As this type of social worker, I would serve as a liaison between students, homes, schools, clinics, doctors and other places that help children in the face of poverty, abuse, and disabilities. A lot of this job is figuring out the initial problem, and give references as to what can be done, and who they can turn to. If a mother and child wanted to escape an abusive husband, I could give them ways to be in a safe house, help them find an attorney, and also counsel them. A social worker plays…

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