Marketing Objectives For Chick-Fil-A

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The marketing objections for when chick-fil-a makes its debut in the United Kingdom, more specifically London, is to make a great impression on the population. When debuting into a new city/country we can expect to make good sales, profit, especially in our first year of business. Our expectancies in sales for London is to make more in sales when compared to our domestic locations. Our domestic locations make around 3.5 million dollars per location. Our objectives for profits will be $4 million per location.
Product decisions
When considering using standardization versus adaption, we fully understand that adaptation would be the best choice because above all we want our consumers happy.
Promotion decisions
Advertising objectives are to increase our name recognition as well as use our standard approach to encourage people to eat more chicken. Also, using our cow appreciation day where consumers dress up as cows to get free meals. And keep our focus on parents with
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London is known to have a lot of tourists, with American people making up a big portion of that, among that portion will automatically be name recognition. Being a tourist most consists of looking at all of the many important stops and shopping. During the day, most tourists want something fast and simple. Chick-fil-a will be in the right spot offering the best customer service with amazing food that will get the tourists in and out.
Developing the Marketing Mix for the International Market
Product: Chick-fil-a provides mainly food and beverages. The design of the product look will be kept the same. The customer service will keep the same approach in terms of the employees being friendly and helpful, also offering to refill consumer’s drinks when eating or asking to take the trash of the consumers when they are done. The London people enjoy a friendly type of customer service. The products that we decided on keeping were:
Chicken sandwiches

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