Chicago Fire And Chicago Pd Essay

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Over the course of this class I feel that we have had many different chances to learn and understand some key concepts. Every day we use different concepts from impressions of others to attractiveness to one another. A few that stood out to me from over this semester so far are first impression, jargon, and stereotypes. These concepts can all be used in different television shows or movies. The shows I think that best portrays these different concepts are Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Seeing concepts used on different movies or television shows gives us a true understand of how we act in these type of situations in every day life. The ten concepts I picked are: first impressions, attractiveness, jargons, active listening, paraphrasing, volume, perceptual checking, selective attention, short term memory, and stereotypes. According to the book, First impression is the initial opinion about a person upon meeting that person. When we meet someone new, we also tend to judge them by their clothing, attractiveness, and physical features. Attractiveness is the not only the physical looks, but also how a person can be perceived. So if a person is easy to work with and looks good they most of the time are attractive. First impression and attractiveness go hand and hand because to some people, looks mean more than feelings. For example, in Chicago Fire station 51 is also in trouble with a lawsuit or grievance case. If an outside person from the show is to talk to someone from station…

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