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The Los Angeles Police Department, in the 1800’s all the way to the start of the 90’s police brutality was an everyday situation. However, this only happened to minorities but there was a community that was target the most, the African Americans. African Americans were being severely injured by their community police. Nonetheless, one night of the year 1991 Rodney King was being pursued by the LAPD. Rodney was high on drugs, and stated that he had several reasons to why he wanted to loss the cops (The Cristopher Commission, 1996). Several minutes later, LAPD final cut up to him and made Rodney King stop. Immediately after the stop, the LAPD ordered King to get on the ground and too have his hands behind his head. With this, Rodney was indicating …show more content…
However, each individual adjustment had its own goal. Police training is the most important one, without a new method of solving conflicts between offices and civilians then nothing would change. Its main goal is to prevent future excessive violence from police officers and only use force when really need it (The Cristopher Commission, (1996). Using proper voice commands can prevent officers from having physical interaction when arresting someone. Next, as the article “The Cristopher Commission” (1996) states, “ the goal of promoting diversity among the LAPD would allow better communication from both parties, the police officers and community” (p. 36). Minorities tend to feel more comfortable when interacting with someone of their same race, therefore having African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans inside the LAPD it will have a positive impact on their relationship. Moreover, having programs that would allow police officer to interact with civilians would make this relationship stronger. The goal of this programs is to elevate the relationship of police officer with community (The Cristopher Commission, 1996). All of this three goals would allow officers to have more respect from the community and can enforce the law with less violence towards …show more content…
The case of Rodney King was the case that showed the nation how LAPD officer were dealing with arrest. This case ended up with the arrest of two officer that were directly involved in the beating of Rodney King. From this point of time, changes in this department was predicted to happen. This write gave three changes that could have been made at that point. Changes include, adjust proper police training, promote diversity among officers, and built relationship with the community. All of this three adjustment in this police department had one common goal, to have a better job performance from officers. After doing research, this writer has analyzed that this three changes have indeed been made in order for officer to have more skills and members added minorities in their department that would allow them to do a better performants while at work. Now with this adjustments, community relationship with officers has improved and has become more stable compared with the

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