Persuasive Essay On Gum In School

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Can you imagine sitting in class chewing colorful, tasteful, and delicious gum? A school where you can chew with no consequences. Why should students be allowed to chew gum in class? Well it improves focus,releases stress, and improves memory. I chose this topic because I completely agree that gum helps students and my school has banned gum on campus. This topic mainly affects students in schools all around the US from banning gum. Students should be allowed to chew gum on school campuses.
First, chewing gum in class helps students focus better on tests in class. ”Students were assigned to either chew gum during math class, while doing math homework and during math tests. After a test, students were shown that after a test those who chewed
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They found that people who chewed throughout tests of both long-term and short-term memory produced significantly better scores than people who did not.One third of 75 adults tested chewed gum during a memory and attention test. The gum chewers scored 24 % higher than the average (Emma Young). Chewing gum helps students long and short term memory come into take and improve on tests. Scientists have discovered that chewing gum scientifically helps students memory. In the United kingdom have also proven that chewing gum hle syur memory and studying. This is due to the fact that chewing gum help to release insulin into the bloodstream which affects how well your memory works (Rick Broaida). Thanks to scientist in the United Kingdom chewing gum actually has a scientific connection to our concentration. Turns out that chewing releases insulin into our bloodstream which affects our memory.Psychologists claim that chewing gum improves memory but do you think that a piece of gum is going to make you perform that much better on a test. Perhaps studying being in a intellicall classroom, eating a healthy breakfast or sleeping well would better improve one's more than chasing it on a stick of gum(Chris Gajilan). Scientist have scientifically proven that memory is improved when chewing gum and cannot be changed since its real

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