Persuasive Essay On Halloween Snacks

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Halloween treats are one of the best perks of October, especially for all of our little ghouls running around. Cooking for Halloween brings the opportunity to make scary and delicious concoctions that would otherwise horrify us. So why not take advantage of this annual occasion to challenge your creativity and whip up some scary-good treats that will leave a lasting impression? Let’s face it, Halloween is all about bringing a smile to our kids’ faces, and these five quick, yummy snacks are sure to do just that! Halloween fun isn’t reserved for just one night, you can celebrate all month long; get your little kiddies involved in making these five easy treats to get them ready for their special night.Zombie blood floats are guaranteed to both disgust and excite your little ones. …show more content…
Just slip a few drops of food coloring into the soda while the kiddies aren’t looking, and pour it into a tall glass a couple inches from the top. Watch them freak out as you tell them it’s zombie blood, and then slip in a big scoop of brains (rainbow sherbet). To top off the concoction, tell your little one that no zombie brain would be complete without worms crawling around in it, and have them add the gummy worms to their liking. If the idea of drinking zombie blood doesn’t excite them, the taste sure will!These simple, creepy witch-hand breadsticks are eerily delightful and bewitchingly delicious. For them, you only need a tube of breadstick dough, half a stick of melted butter, 2 Tbsp. of cinnamon sugar (for sweet) or 2 Tbsp. parmesan cheese (for savory), 1 large beaten egg, and a bag of sliced almonds (with skin). Preheat your oven to 375 degrees

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