Christmas And Halloween Similarities

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Christmas verses Halloween

Holidays come once a year, but there are two holidays in particular where everyone for sure remembers the dates and is most get excited for. Christmas and Halloween and the two most widely recognized holidays in the United States as well as around the world. Both holidays are unique in their own ways but both are similar in many ways as well. Although different, they share many of the same qualities. Such as happiness, laughter, and treats.
Many children go back to school in the fall so that means summer is over. The fall time brings cooler weather, sweat less afternoons, and what most get excited for, Halloween. As October thirty-first comes around children of all ages try to find the perfect costume to go trick-or-treating in as well as adults. As parents take their children out on Halloween night, they get to go out and receive candy one day of the year that should last them a lifetime. Many laughs from funny costumes, some in awe from cute little kids in costumes and then the scary ones that make them scream and run
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They also disguised themselves. That way the spirits would think the druids belonged to their own evil company.” (Ross)
Sparkling snow falls up north giving the hint that Christmas is upon them, but no snow at all in the south but chillier air. As families get together, to decorate their houses on the outside as well as the inside along with decorating the Christmas tree, this time of year is family time and being able to share gifts with each other and have a good time together as family. Before children are let out of school for Christmas break they are asked what they would like for Christmas as well as after Christmas what they got making the children’s only thoughts of receiving material items instead of the laughter, joy, and family time Christmas is really about. Teachers help to contribute to the idea that there is a man with a beard, a red coat and reindeers called Santa

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