Characteristics Of Prima Kottumee Model Hunt

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Self-awareness means people are aware about their own selves and their effects. It makes people to understand others as well and their sensitivity and along with that they would be able to understand personal value systems, thinking pattern, and morals. If an organization’s self-aware it can uplift their performances.
This can be done through reflective journals, single & double looping and personal mastering

5.1. Advantages
• Individual or an organization can assess their own selves to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
• Can understand others mindsets.
• Productivity will be increased.
• Value driven culture can be developed within the organization.
• Organizations can be managed efficiently and effectively.

6. Sensation
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 Ex: - Prima Kottumee Fun Cup – Cricket Matches
 Prima Kottumee Model Hunt
Use social media as a strong marketing tool. They can attract so many customers through the usage of social media. Because in today’s world, younger generation use internet and other social media. By using Prima Kottumee facebook page, website, twitter account, they informed customers about their new plans. That’s how they make awareness about the product and finally create positive perception in customer’s mind towards the product.
7. Identification of sensory overload in selected two products
Overstimulation of the senses is known as sensory overload.
 Kottumee also uses colors but not too much not too noisy to hear. When they introduce something new they do a commercial. Fragrances are also unique to the flavors. Sensory overload is also not there in kottumee as well.

8. Conclusion
Organizations always deal with people who are different and have different perception, attitudes and values. To the sustainability of the organization and be profitable customers should be profited be profited by giving more than what they expected. So customers should treat in a way that they feel they are

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