Characteristics Of A Successful Supervisor Essay example

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In this class I have learned numerous pieces of information and material that will be beneficial for me in the future. There were concepts on not only being a good employee, but how to be a good supervisor as well. The first piece of helpful information I was intrigued by and felt I learned a great deal of information from was in the very beginning of the class, chapter one. The characteristics of a successful supervisor. I found it intriguing and informative the particular attributes that make a good supervisor. It only makes sense that a good supervisor would have a positive attitude, be loyal, fair, with good communication, be able to delegate, and want their job. I feel like I can use this in the future with my degree as an executive assistant because it will require all of these assets. If I am working for one important person I will have to be able to delegate to other people, be a great communicator, and really want the job. To work with a CEO or COO it takes loyalty and a positive attitude and you have to be fair to your co-workers. There is no room to be a single player on the team when you have to work together. The second piece of helpful information I found to be an asset for my future employment was Management by Objectives (MBO’s). With my degree if I want to work with management or in management I will need to learn to plan with all employees and set goals. I feel it is important for all employees to work together as a team and know that upper management…

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