Essay on Character Is Not Defined By Your Personality

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Character is not defined by your personality nor by your reputation. Character is defined by who you truly are deep down inside. Your character is a choice that you make for yourself.
It is easy to confuse personality with character but they are not the same. Personality is easy to figure out, usually upon the first time meeting someone. When we first meet people we immediately judge them. We label them with traits such as funny, energetic, confident or boring, negative, and shy. Usually after interacting with this person for some time our thoughts still remain the same and that person’s personality does not change from what we first thought of them.
Reputation also gets mixed in with character, but just like personality, it is not the same. Reputation is what we think of someone whether it is true or false, good or bad. It is not who they are. Someone’s reputation is usually based off of rumors they have heard from others. They tend to not be so good either and usually come from people that do not like or are jealous of the other person.
Unlike personality and reputation, character is who you truly are. It includes traits that are revealed in certain circumstances, usually circumstances that pushes people to their limits. The traits that reveals character are traits such as honesty, virtue, and kindliness. Those are all good traits that build good character. On the other hand, there are also bad traits that kill good character such as lying, stealing, and cheating which all…

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