Character Analysis : Character Education Essay examples

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Character Compass- Where does yours point?
Stephon Garcia
Concordia University

As I Reflect on the various components of Character education, I believe and understand why they are important. They make us powerful people with a voice, I have learned that they all have more than one meaning and they carry a positive and strong message. As an educator the area I would emphasis more is performance character. Performance Character gives students the ability to make a change to better themselves. Performance character is becoming the best you can be “ it can be defined as the qualities necessary to achieve one’s potential in endeavors ranging from art to academics to athletics” (Seiders 2012 pg.2). Not only in art, academics or athletics but also in one’ self, if an individual is striving to be a better person his life performances is his practice to become a better self. It also gives them the ability so reflect on the person who they are now and set a goal to be the person they want to become. Before reflecting on what they want to improve I must also be able to reward them for positive work they have achieved so far “ the qualities such as efforts, diligence, perserverance, a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, ingenuity, and self –discipline needed to realize one’s potential for excellence in academics, co-curricular activities, the workplace, or any other area of endeavor (Seiders 2012. Pg258). Being rewarded for the positive work you have achieved is…

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