Chapter That Will Improve Service Management Essay

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What recommendation(s) could you distill from this chapter that would improve “service management”?
I think that this chapter provides a very good explanation and example of waiting lines. Some of the recommendations that I can extract from this chapter are that waiting line systems need to be managed mainly by taking in consideration the psychology components of waiting and not only by just calculating numbers.
Customers have different perceptions, which can make everything more difficulty for managers. Meaning, managers need to pay extra attention to customers and understand that customer have different expectation, therefore, they need to work hard and make customer satisfaction their priority. As I mentioned before, excessive waiting or even expectation of waiting can lead to the lost of sales; managers should be capable to create strategies to avoid losing costumers, such as: Concealing lines from arriving customers. For example, amusement parks where you pay for the ticket before entering the park and let the consumer participate in the service process. Another example can be, a patient who is waiting for doctor and is asked to complete medical history record and saving valuable physician time. Do the conclusions and advice in the chapter match what you would expect, given what you know about current service management? Discuss and illustrate with examples.
After taking a look to this chapter and conclusion of this chapter, I have found some concept that match…

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