Chapter One Of The College Expierience Essay

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Chapter one of "The College Expierience" studies the relationship beween highschool and college, as well as the potential challenges of the transition. Many students fail to recognise the differences ahead of time and this leads to them not posessing enough "Grit" to make it to the end and receive a degree. The development of "Grit" starts the minute the student walks through the doors of their school of higher education. Throughout their experience, they must obtain a world-class skillset and mindset neccessary for success. Transitioning from highschool to college represents a change it schedule, responisiblity, and time management.
The "T" in "Grit" stands for "Tenacity", which is defined as the "Quality to grip something firmly." This could mean gripping your responsibility, your workload, or your will to succeed in general. When first arriving at college, many students posess a weak grip. They are unware of the challenges they may have to face or lack the drive needed to fuel their success. However, through the gaining of experience and the analyzation of challenges, students will begin to develop a stronger "Tenacity". They will learn what to do in chalenging situations and they will begin to admire their work load and chosen major.
One of the biggest challeges of entering college would be personal responsiblity. As a college student, I must agree that obtaining responsibility has been one of the most difficult challenges thusfar. I would like to say that I am…

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