Challenges of Being an Advocate Essay

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Challenges of Being an Advocate and Mediator
Maria Suter
BSHS 441: Advocacy and Mediation
August 13, 2012
Andrea Winston

Challenges of Being an Advocate and Mediator
The human services field has been adding to its long list of services over the last few years and with the services that it has added include the advocate and the mediator. Human Services’ is a field that does exactly that, it provides the communities with different services that may be needed by the people of the community. In the following paper the field of human services and the positions of both the advocate and the mediator will be discussed. Along with the roles being discussed the responsibilities including the ethical, moral, and legal challenges of these
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This again presents an issue for some because no matter what the situation the person mediating must be able to set aside religious beliefs, moral beliefs, and any racial beliefs that may be present. The position of the mediator is to ensure that the communication between the parties involve continue to flow and continue to remain on subject and without slander to any

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