Challenges And Finding New Techniques And Skills Essay

1262 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Life is about facing problems and finding new techniques and skills to solve these problems. If a doctor is having a hard time finding the cure for someone who is having an intensive backache, then the doctor will look up resources to see if there is any new treatment in the market that can help this patient feel better. Like the doctor, the Education Department is trying to find new ways to improve students’ studies. One new technique that is being tested is departmentalization in elementary schools. Departmentalizing is a model of teaching in which multiple teachers specialized in different subject will teach their subject of specialization to a class, instead of having one teacher teach different subjects in the class. Departmentalization has had a positive impact in our elementary schools by increasing test scores, transitioning students from elementary to middle school, and improving special education students learning.
With all the new state standards and test, departmentalizing elementary school, has helped increase students test scores by having teachers teach specific subjects going deeper into the subject without spending too much time in the same subject. By having teachers specialized in one subject, such as reading, math, or science has helped students increase test scores. Before elementary teachers had to teach all subjects including the ones they were weak in. How can a student learn something if their teacher does not understand themselves? Teachers who…

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