The Importance Of Change In Education

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How would it feel to start a change? Every person dreams of doing something great, they want to be a famous rock star, own a huge corporation, or perhaps fight fires. Some just want to make the world a better place. In 2007 and 2008, some 76 percent of public school teachers were female, 44 percent were under age 40, and 52 percent had a master’s or higher degree ( To change to world starts with the leaders of tomorrow; When Jenny Seib, a teacher for over a decade was asked “What is your favourite thing about your career?” She responded after a moment of thought “The kids; I love to see that ‘aha’ moment on their faces when they don’t understand how to do a problem or pronounce a word,
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Teachers get to actively witness the difference they are making as their students gain wisdom, empathy, reasoning skills, self-awareness, and creative thinking skills. Every day a teacher is imparting knowledge, they are molding the future through impacting their student’s interpretations and understandings of the world. Teachers help their students develop character and a sense of self, they nurture creativity, they give their students lenses to view the world with, and they provide students with the abilities and skills they need to reach their full potential to lead productive, fulfilling lives. Many are attracted to the teaching career because they want to make a clear, distinctive difference in the lives of others, not to just make money to afford living. Those who aspire to teach have a mission; a teacher is not only an employee, but a mentor, a friend and a guide for young people. This is beneficial for those who cringe at repetition, teachers have a great deal of variety in their field, every year brings a class full of new people, with different ideas, experiences, and unique personalities. Teachers have the abilities to introduce new knowledge to a subject, change the layout of the courses. One of the more important perks of teaching is the time teachers get to spend with their families. Students attend school for 6 hours a day, and teachers …show more content…
In an interview, Jenny Seib described one of her most difficult students “I had this girl last year that was as tall as you [5’2”] so she obviously had some hormonal issues, but she wet herself at least once a weak, but that was the least of her issues. She tried to physically assault me, she swore at me, she through awful temper tantrums. That girl has some issues.” This is only one of the challenges associated with teaching and yet it seems to be the most stressful and emotionally unsatisfying. Another challenge is the healthy balance of planning and programming with time management constraints. Every teacher is expected to create an efficient learning plan that is up to code with state regulations. Teachers are faced with students of different learning levels, skills, abilities, interests, and knowledge, for this reason it can be quite difficult to a create a teaching environment suited for each child. Finding a perfect mixture of tasks, games, assignments, and tests can be incredibly stressful with students needing to be attended during the workday. Communication with children’s parents can be a hassle for more than one reason. All children learn at different paces, but when there is good

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