Fair Is Fair And What Ever Happened To Upward Mobility

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The United States has speculated that higher education is a way to gain upward mobility. People believe that upward mobility is as promising as it sounds because it allows people to move from one socioeconomic level on to the next. Upward mobility has become important in the recent years as it helps people attain better job opportunities and to help elevate the playing field between the different socioeconomic classes that are present in America today. Nonetheless, if people want to gain the American Dream today they must have a quality education from a public school that may not even provide them with the necessary tools of success. In “Fair is Fair” and “What Ever Happened to Upward Mobility”, the authors’ argue that there are forces holding …show more content…
The public educational system began in the United States because it was seen as a way to help close the gap between the rich and the poor. Closing the gap between these two factions have become important for many people who are in the low and middle class because that way our country can build a community where everyone has a fair chance to gain income equality and the opportunity to receive quality education. However, privatization is disservice for some students who want to become successful as they are more focused on helping students who have a higher chance to succeed in the American economy. In Beilke and Morrison’s article, they state that within the “[public education] infrastructure of testing, tracking, and ability grouping- and its reliance on local (district) control- it guarantees that “the goods” will be kept in the “right” hands” (212). Putting students into two categories is unfair as it creates a boundary between students who do not do well in school and students who are doing fairly well in school. Students should not be segregated on the basis of their educational level. In its place, students of different educational levels should be placed together in one classroom so that students who do have a hard time in school can get the assistance they need to succeed in the American

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