Challenge The Resistance And March Into Success Essay

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Challenge The Resistance and March Into Success
It was a challenge to merge into a culture as individuals. It took a lot of time, collaboration and dedication to form a culture, for it to be a powerful management tool to construct direction and secure cooperation in a team, then defines priority to address different recurrent problems (Christensen, 2010). For me, I was challenged by a resistance to adapt into culture, restrained by poor motivation, low affiliation and perceiving a weak work climate in the beginning (Spreier, 2006). At first I found myself participating in the team effort with a sole individual direction, because it seems like everyone else is in the same state. The emergence of teams were only to provide a platform for individuality. Where responsibility was met, when individuals has contributed in team meetings, but a high-performing climate was not reached, as a result of lacking clarity, team commitment, affiliation and most importantly a lack of common direction (Spreier, 2006). Throughout this semester, I have learnt the importance of team culture and its power to maximize the potential of our team, in addition, my ability to change my individualistic direction to team culture through learnt skills is attributed to a high-performing climate (Spreier, 2006). To assess the validity of team culture, I will address the challenges of merging into a team culture, then the process of forming a team culture, and finally the change team culture brings into…

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