Escalation Of Commitment: Approachful Decision

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Escalation of Commitment: A Reproachful Decision
University of the People Escalation of Commitment: A Reproachful Decision
Decisions are made on a daily basis, and important decisions can make or break for individuals and organizations. Errors in decision making can lead to unwanted results, but continuing on an unfavorable course of action can be devastating. Escalation of commitment is the behavior that occurs when an individual decides to continue investing resources into a failing course of action (Bauer & Erdogan, 2009). This essay will analyze escalation of commitment and how it impacts an organization.
Ross and Staw (1993, p. 701) pose two questions which are fundamental in understanding the dichotomy
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It can be surmised that an otherwise rational individual may experience commitment escalation based on their limitation of information processing or as a result of interpersonal elements. Staw (1981) explains, “…biasing of attitudes is most likely to occur when individuals feel personally responsible for negative consequences and when these consequences are difficult to undo” (p. 579).
Psychological behavior is found to be a common denominator among choices which are positive or negative. Ross and Staw (1993) include several determinants of escalation which including project-based, psychological, social, and organizational factors. But, pressure can also be placed on whole organizations which may entrap them into an escalating
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This essay analyzed several facets of escalation of commitment and how it impacts organizations and individuals. By carefully and methodically selecting a choice as well as a regular review of such decisions, the adverse effects of commitment escalation can be reduced or eliminated. References
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