Cellphone In School

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1947, the year that gave birth to the dominating technology, the cellular phone. However, this dominating device has many negative effects on teens. The use of phones in school can negatively affect, a teen’s performance in school. Also, the use of phones in high school can interrupt not only teen’s privacy but the teacher’s privacy as well. Furthermore, the use of phones in school becomes the main distraction for everyone in a class. Even though teens in high school are obsessed with phone use, it should still be avoided by teens as it can result into a negative impact on their academic success.
The use of phones in school can negatively affect, a teen’s performance in school. Jonae Fredericks a licensed cosmetologist, writes an article about
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For instance, when a joke occurs or if something funny happens, most teens would say “lol” the abbreviated form of “laugh out loud.” Likewise, the article further states that “Texting during class is an ongoing problem for many schools and the Mercy Hurst University website explains that aside from being disrespectful, text-messaging students are not providing their teachers with undivided attention.” If texting during classes prevent teens from performing simple skills, such as attentive listening in order to just pay attention to their work. Then as a result teens are jeopardizing their education by not paying attention in class and getting a mark of zero. For instance, in many obligatory courses, such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Marketing etc. paying attention plays a very crucial role. This is because in those courses many notes are presented to the class, which students need to copy down for future tests and exams. However, if a teen prefers to text instead of taking down those very important notes, then it is guaranteed that his/her marks are going to suffer terribly. …show more content…
An article called, “Are cell phones a distraction to student’s education?” Written by Joanna Lopez, Marlen Mendez, Jonathan Negreros and Karla Barrera, on “The Ambassador” website. In the article it is stated that, “Cell phones cause a concern for some educators. Schools and teachers fear that many of their students are easily distracted in class as their friends send them a text message and they attempt to reply under their desks” Furthermore, the article produced a survey which stated that, “Six students that took the survey said that they can only live one day without their phone, and 13 said they can’t live without their phone for one week and only two can live without it for an hour.” This just shows how obsessed teens are for phone use and teens are bringing that obsession everywhere, including school. The standard definition for school is, “An institution for educating children.” However, that standard definition of school is being slowly bend and twisted by teens, due to their obsession for phone use. This is because teens bring that obsession to school where it does not only distract that teen itself however, other teens get distracted by that teen. Thus, it contradicts that standard definition of school. For instance, as stated in the article that, “as their friends send them a text message and they attempt to reply under their desks.” An article written by Debra Pachucki

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