Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned Essay example

896 Words Oct 19th, 2016 4 Pages
In today’s society, it’s safe to say that everyone has a cell phone; people are on their cell phone while walking, biking, while working out at the gym, working, and most dangerously-while driving. While some of these tasks are harmless; talking on a cell phone while driving is very harmful. Studies have shown that driving while using a cell phone is the same as drunk driving. Research has determined that driving while using a cell phone diminishes a driver’s response time and, drivers using phones likely to cause a crash. “The likelihood that a driver will crash is equal to that of someone with a 0.08 percent blood alcohol level.” (Kolman, 2010, para. 1). Therefore, driving with cell phones are hazardous and should be banned in Florida to prevent unnecessary accidents and deaths.
Using cell phones while driving makes a driver open to having fatal accidents, or causing serious injuries. The driver isn’t focused on the road or traffic, therefore making it difficult to adhere to what’s important- the road! I strongly believe that if drivers can’t keep their attention on the road when talking on their cell phone, they should not be operating a vehicle. People tend to do many things while driving, such as, putting on makeup, eating food, texting, changing music on their stereo, or fixing their hair. Driving with one hand and texting is another example of careless driving, and also if someone is in an emotionally engaged conversation, it can make them distracted and cause…

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