Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving Essay

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Register to read the introduction… It will be occasions where there might be a car accident and the cell might come in good use to call 911. It will also be occasions where there might be a high speed chase and a person might catch something the police missed. . When emergency situation such as an accident or a crime happens, cell phones are said to be life savers. For example your car is getting stole and a person that is driving by sees that there is being a crime committed so with their cell phone one can keep driving and provide necessary information to the right authorities. A person can grab their cell phone which is convenient and call the police to let them know something they missed or you think they missed, which could be the leading evidence on many cases. . With the strange activities that are happening on regular, it is a relief to be an able to immediately report something that seems unusual. I also like to use my cell while traveling when I am on the road to keep my family posted on the status and location of where I am at. I call them probably two or three time depending on how long my drive is to my destination is. A cell phone comes in handy when an accident has happened so a police officer or ambulance if needed can come out to the scene. Cell phones also come in handy for work purpose if one thinks they are going to be late they can call their boss and let them know. I do agree that a person that has quick access to a cell phone can have fewer concerns while driving because I feel secured driving with my cell phone. Parents are able to call their children at home while driving to make sure things is safe. Before we ban cell phones while driving, I agree that if parent have younger children that are at the age of trying to be independent, would you be more disquieted about her utilizing the cellular phone or the other probable risks she could encounter on the road. Today, if I had kids I wouldn’t want my children …show more content…
The main reasons for banning cell phones is because drivers are causing to many car accident, people insurance are being raised , that money can be used elsewhere with the recession that is going on now, and it could also help out people health. Cell phones would not have soared in popularity if they did not offer significant benefits to consumers in the form of mobility and convenience. Researcher and highways safety professional have recognized that cell phones offer many benefit as well as drawbacks. Cell phones give drivers the capability to report emergencies to public safety authorities and to report that there are congested highways to traffic authorities. For people that are driving late at night, in bad weather, in little used highways cell phones provide security. However, the evidence appears to be growing that talking on cell phones while driving provides a new and especially dangerous form of driver distraction. In the meantime, public education will continue, although not with the same message. Technology improvement is also likely to continue at a rapid pace, but the ability to resolve all surrounding cell phones and driving is limited. However, even with these supposed to Bluetooth the concentration level has still lessened. People are still not concentrating on the most important aspect of driving which is keeping the drivers around them safe and their self safe of any potential danger or possible accident that they should avoid. The only way to keep everyone safe is to not talk on the cell phone while they are driving. Better yet, wait until you have arrived at your destination or pull over to the side of the road to begin you conversations. Talking on a cell phone while driving is it hands free or the actual handset that reduces your concentration, I strongly agree that it does reduce a person concentration The law does not currently

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