Cell Phones And School Should Be Prohibited For Many Crucial Reasons

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How many times a day does a person check their phone? How many times does a student check a text or play a game while in class? The answer to those questions may vary from person to person and student to student, but the effects of mobile devices in everyday life, especially school, is clear and rapidly evolving. Students nowadays are set up to be distracted from their studies by modern availability of devices and the internet. Disinterest, cheating, deficit of attention, and overall effectiveness and morale of schooling is in full view in every classroom nowadays. Cell phones in school should certainly be prohibited for many crucial reasons. One always hears about stories along the lines of, “Back in my day…”, and how the past was different, usually for the better, than compared to the present. Well, this statement is more prominent than ever in regards of cell phones in the classroom. Just 10 years ago one could recall not using, or needing, a reliable source of pocketed knowledge in the shape of a rectangle. This exchange a parent, or even an older brother or sister, could have with a younger student, is a fine example of how a pupil’s thinking has changed from hard and honest work to dependence and laziness in such a short time. Any child born before the year 2000 will have at least a slight remembrance of a time in school where it was themselves and their brain alone to do all their work in class. In an article written by The Guardian it is said, “In a survey conducted…

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