How Does Cell Phones Affect Society

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Cell phones have become a huge part of society and they have a huge impact on the way the world operates. 47% of people who own a cell phone say that they could not live without it. The various capabilities that cell phones have allowed us to use them all sorts of things. People use their cell phones for business, shopping, education, games, and many other things. Cell phones are used by small businesses to contact customers and allow them to make payments. Accesories like credit card scanners allow these people to run their business easier, cheaper, and more efficiently. Businessmen also use cell phones for rapid communication. Police officers, CEOs, and even school officials are now equipped with a cell phone (Some issue by their workplace) …show more content…
Cell phone can distract students and workers from completing their work. This is a real problem as it negatively impacts that person’s production as well as societies. Many speculate that the best way to change this addiction is to spend less time on our phones. As stated before, cell phones have the ability to provide us with a great educational tool. Smartphones have changed the way the world operate as a society. The average cell phone has more computing power than the computers that landed Apollo 11 on the moon (Factslides). To put that in perspective, the “computer” that most people carry in their pockets every day has more power than the computers that brought Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the surface of the moon (238,900 miles away) in 1969. That is crazy to think that almost everyone carries that much power with us everyday and we are discussing limiting that! The educational and business upside is tremendous and if our phones are turned off, we would not be able to use the great features to our advantage. Another thing that people believe would change cell phone addiction is to get rid of the games on the phones. Games are a huge issue for kids because they often become distracted and addicted to them, causing them to lose focus and valuable time to complete school work. Some games also have an educational possibilities. For example, some games help people learn languages or for young kids, help them learn the alphabet. Learning from a young age is important to the brain 's development. People find that is sometimes hard to keep a child’s attention and games are one thing that often catch and keep their attention. If these games that young children were attracted to have educational value, it is important that society keeps those available and accessible

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