Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Until the nineteenth century, for most people actual experience was limited to events occurring within the “natural sensory envelope.”(Ruben & Stewart, p.181) I interviewed my father, Nabiuddin Azad, who is 56 years old now and has seen the development of cell phones, internet and many other forms of media communication as he was going through life. My father lived most of his life in India, a 3rd world county, so he experienced a slower growth in technology and forms of media communication than the people in the United States. He spent most of his life without cell phones or any other sort of media communication device. His answer to when he first started using a base phone was 2002 and 2010 was when he first started using a cell phone. For someone like me who has used cell phones since like age 5 it was very hard to believe. Today, our world has come to a point where people get anxious if they do not possess their cell phones on them.

One of the issues raised in Chapter 7 in the textbook about mediated communication was Anonymity. “In some mediated communication situations, interactants often have no direct knowledge of one another.” (Ruben & Stewart, p.187) That is the anonymity summed up in a sentence. Talking to my dad he was telling me about how today he can just make a call to interview someone without meting them in person. He said phone interviews have their advantages and disadvantages. “It feels like you are talking to a stranger and its hard to gauge their…

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