Relationship Goal In HER Created By Spike Joneze

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Relationship Goal’s or Relationship No’s

How is it that it’s so hard to communicate with one another face to face yet we can carry a twenty-four-hour conversation on our devices? Is it because we shy away from our true selves and express our alter egos; which is a terrible habit that may become uncontrollable impulse. Or does the person simply lack proper social skills. In the romance/drama HER created by Spike Joneze, He focuses on the two main characters, Theodore Twombly and Samantha. Theodore: is a hard worker at his occupation is to write letters. Preferably love letters, he gets emails from troubled clients that can’t express their love in writing. So Theo is there as a back bond
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some may find unorthodox or even taboo. Nevertheless, when Theodore and ex-wife Catherine meet to sign the divorce papers, she felt aggravated needed to say that he cannot “handle real emotions… you always wanted a wife without the challenges, of actually dealing with anything real”. In relates to the ELIZA effect. The ELIZA effect was a program where you say anything like a question and it would rephrase what your first response was which was made by Joseph Weizenbaum (p23). In addition, when a human imagines a machine having a “personality” and withhold doubt it’s just a machine. Overall from what Catherine said to Theo, despite how a harsh realistic claim she pointed out for him to grasp; it never crossed Theodores mind the way it did. It had to come from someone like Catherine, for him to get a reality check in thus analyzing the relationship he currently has with Samantha. For the people who find this interaction sociably acceptable like when Theodore takes Samantha to his niece’s birthday party, and Samantha talks to her and they’re both are just as interested in each other. For an example, when Sherry Turkle talks about the children interacting with Kismet. The kids seemed interested in her, in chapter 5 lines 27-35. (Turkle, Sherry). These children felt just as intrigued by this robot just when going back to Theo’s first encounter and his last. During the towards the end of the film where Theo …show more content…
Yet will this become a social norm among the society we live in. Although, we tend to be so obsessed with the gadgets we surround ourselves that does its job distracting us and inhibiting our ability to socialize with one another. In ways is a portal for people, giving them an alternative life for them to escape from reality and enter a place of their own. Due to the film HER and Sherry Turkle’s book call Alone Together makes us wonder. Will this be a trend for people in most upcoming years? With technology expanding its horizons continuously, will people actually seek love and or attention from robotic entities? Who know, only time will tell. Meanwhile emotion(s) shows no boundaries therefore, cannot help who or what they fall in love with. Maybe this might become reality sooner or later in life. Probably people would suggest a non-human relationship more rather than human to human or even want to try something different. We as human will soon overlook the idea and meaning of the words: bizarre and taboo as if they were foreign words we should not speak of. Overall time and technology waits for no one.

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